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Traveling with Kids? Don't Forget their Luggage

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Travel is on all of our minds this time of year, with the holidays coming up, many of us are traveling to see family out of town. It is always a little stressful to travel, and a little more so around the holidays, then when you add kids the the picture, it takes it to a whole new level. 

Getting packed has always been the hardest part of travel for me, and now with the kids, it's just two more suitcases to pack. Luckily mine get excited when we need to pack, because they love their kids wheelie bags. My children have also taken an interest in helping to choose their own clothes, well some days at least, and they love "helping" pack.

Along with their luggage, I like to let them each pack another small bag (tote bag, purse, drawstring bag, or backpack) to put snacks and travel activities in. We do this whether we are road tripping or flying, because either way, I know they will be better behaved with something to entertain them. This is usually a good thing to let them "help" with, we pack coloring supplies, books, favorite stuffed animals and other small, quiet toys.

Keep in mind the time of day you will be traveling, when traveling at night, encourage them to close their eyes and relax while on the go. When we are doing a road trip, audio books help my kids to fall asleep with minimal fussing, as it helps mimic our pre-bedtime story. If you are flying, you can help them relax by quietly reading to them.

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