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Reindeer Puppet Craft for Kids

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Reindeer puppet craft image

Crafting is one of my kid's favorite things to do. I'm not sure if it is because they love the chance to make a mess, if they love getting creative, or if it's the quality time together that they love the most. Especially now that this cooler weather is keeping us indoors, it's an excellent way to keep them occupied and stimulated.

I saw this Reindeer Puppet idea on Pinterest shortly after the holiday's last year and have been eager to make it with my kids ever since. We had a blast making them, and then after they played with and raced theirs, entertaining themselves, while I got lunch ready.  

Supplies:Reindeer craft supplies

• Brown cardstock

• Googly eyes

• Scissors

• Glue

• Red or black bead/gem

• Small craft "clothespins" 

• Hole punch

Putting it all together:

1. Cut out two circles from the brown cardstock, one larger than the other. I printed a couple of circle "stencils" to use as a guide.

2. Cut two of the edges off of the smaller circle, leaving the "top" wider and the "bottom" more narrow. This will serve as the reindeer's head.

3. From the cutoff edges cut out little pieces to act as the reindeer's ears.

4. Glue the head to the larger circle, which serves as the body. Leave about 1/2 inch sticking out at the top.

5. Glue the ears to the head

6. Use the hole punch to get the finger holes started, then use your scissors to make them large enough for fingers to fit through.

7. Glue on the eyes.

8. Glue on the nose (red or black bead/gem)

9. Place craft clothespins on the top to look like antlers.

10. Enjoy!

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