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Holiday Traditions to Make Memories with Your Kids

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holiday activities for kidsAmong all the craziness that comes with the holiday season, it's important to slow down and remember that it's all about spending time with the people you love. Building family memories, and doing special activities will help show your child that love is the real magic of the season. Not to mention, the busier you can keep them, the more sanity you can enjoy. Starting a few traditions will give them something to look forward to every year.

1. Take a walk or drive to see the lights

The light displays this time of year are incredible. Whether you bundle up and take a walk to see the zoo lights or pile into the car to see the house that syncs it's light show up to music, it's bound to be an excellent time. Bring along a thermos of coco to keep you warm and because everyone loves coco this time of year.

2. Take the kids out for one-on-one holiday shopping (if possible)

This one can be tough for busy parents to figure out, especially if you have multiple children, but it's important throughout the year to try and give each child a little one-on-one time. If you can find a sitter, or have parents take turns, taking your kids out and letting them pick out gifts, and spending a night chatting will help strengthen your bond and build memories. I have many fond memories of shopping with my parents, and the ridiculous gifts they let me buy because it was what I wanted to give. Now I get to make the same memories with my children, and I know they will last just as long. Remember, the gifts don't have to be large, fancy, or expensive, as long as they come from a place of love.

3. Sit and watch a holiday movie with your kids

Don't just put the film on for them and walk away, I know this is an excellent time for you to get things done, but once in awhile, join them. Laugh at the funny parts with them, make some popcorn, wear festive pajamas. It's something so simple that you can make feel so special.

4. Let your children contribute to making the cookies

My kids love to help in the kitchen, no matter what I am making. Sometimes it is so easy to want to tell them no because I know they will make a giant mess, and likely be in the way more than they help. Holiday baking is one of those times that I always make sure to include them. We put on music, and we sing and make a mess, and get creative with our decorations. Then afterward we each get to enjoy one treat right out of the oven as a reward for all the hard work.

5. Read holiday stories

Reading stories is already one of my kids' favorite things to do, and as an avid reader, I love fueling this passion in them. The holidays are a great excuse to put away that story they insist on every night and bring out something festive and seasonal. 


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