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Halloween Candy and Food Allergies

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Allergy safe halloween candy imageIf you haven't done it already, you are probably getting ready to stock up and buy your Halloween candy soon. I always like to wait until the last minute to buy mine, that is purely because I lack the self control to have it in the house and not eat it all. There are pros and cons to this strategy of course. One con being the later you wait the smaller the selection, which can make avoiding certain allergens a little bit more difficult. 

It seems now more than ever we must keep food allergies in mind when choosing what to drop into the bags of each eager child to say "trick or treat?" at our door. When your own children don't have any allergies, I know it can be easy to over look them. I try to keep in mind when picking our candy that while my children may not have any allergies, many that come to our house may. 

The easiest way to avoid giving children candy they cannot eat, is to have a variety on hand. You can always ask a child or their parent if they have any allergies before dropping any candy into their tote

A few common allergies/sensitivities to keep in mind when shopping include:

1. Nuts

2. Gluten

3. Egg

4. Milk

Of course there are plenty of other allergies out there, but these are the big four. In your selection try to have an option that is free of each of these, or at least one that is free of all four. That way no matter what they say when you ask about allergies, you probably have something they can have. 

If your child has allergies, it is also important that you communicate with them about these and make sure they know which candies they can and can't have, and when you are out with them you can help keep an eye on what is in there bag. 

A few candy options that include none of the top allergens are:

• Mike and Ike's

• Dum Dum's

• Skittles

• Starburst

• Smarties

Happy Halloween, and safe trick or treating!

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