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Give Thanks with a Simple Thanksgiving Craft

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thanksgiving craftThanksgiving is a special time of year, we get the whole family from near and far together, and spend a day eating a lot of food, and watching football. While getting ready for my own families Thanksgiving, my little ones have been asking their favorite question quite a bit. What question is that? Why? 

Young children always want to know, why? While sometimes the question grows tiresome, I try to last a few rounds of the game, because I am glad that they are being inquisitive and questioning the world around them. When they ask why we make such a big deal, and why we are driving so far, it seems like a great question. 

There are so many answers I could give them, I could dive into the story of the first Thanksgiving, and the pilgrims and the Native Americans; however, I don't feel that, that answers the question they are really asking. That is quite a story, and has a variety of views, they'll learn plenty about it as they get older. They are looking for something much simpler all that. 

What they really want to know if why we all make such a big deal about being together for this specific dinner. My answer, is as simple as their question, to give thanks. 

My kids are too young to learn about this through deep conversation, and talking at them isn't going to teach them much either. My go to, craft time. My kids love making crafts, and we have a blast chatting away while we craft. For Thanksgiving we went with a classic paper turkey! To talk about giving thanks, I asked them tell me something they are thankful for on each feather. 

While we made our turkey's and while they told me what to write on their feathers, we talked about what it means to be thankful. We talked about all the good things in our lives, and the things that made us happy.

Paper Turkey Supplies:

• Construction Paper

• Scissors

• Tape (or glue)

• Crayons

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