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Fall is the Perfect Time for a Family Hike

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hiking with kidsFinding time to exercise while raising a family is a challenge. Maybe before kids, you used to go before or after work, but now you've got to drop the kids off and pick them up from childcare. If you are lucky your child care hours, allow you to do this, though it means a longer day for the kids when you do.

It can put you in a hard situation, but it is important that you still take care of yourself, after all, you want to stay healthy and have as much time with your family as possible. One great thing you can do to get active and enjoy some time together is to go for a hike.

If your children are big enough to walk themselves, it is an excellent opportunity to instill healthy habits and passions in them at an early age. If they aren't fully mobile yet, strap them into a carrier, the extra weight works as resistance for you, and they still get the benefits of fresh air and bonding time.

Make sure you bring water for everyone, even if you are just going for a short hike, and take breaks if necessary. If you are planning a longer excursion, pack a few snacks, my kids have a tendency to get hungry at inconvenient times. Check the weather before you head out and make sure everyone has dressed appropriately and in layers.

If your kids are big enough, they can bring along their favorite BobbleArt USA bag to carry their water, snacks and extra clothes. 


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