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Pack Your Bags Before Summer Vacation Ends

August is a big month for getting out of town. With summer vacation winding down, and back to school on the brain, everyone wants one last getaway. Before you can relax and enjoy your vacation, you first have to get ready for it. It isn't easy getting away, especially when it isn't just you that you [...]

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Kick off Olympic Season with Family Olympics

This is an exciting time, once every four years, the world comes together. Have some fun with it, and help teach your children how special it is by doing your own family Olympics. Depending how competitive your family is as well as the age of children you may choose to have the child participants count for [...]

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Video: How Much Can Our Backpacks Hold?

We know that there are a lot of options when you are in the market for a children's backpack, and there seems to be so many sizes. It can be hard to decide which size will actually fit your child, we wanted to [...]

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Turn His Creativity Loose with BobbleArt USA Coloring Pages

Who doesn't love to color? These days you can find as many coloring books for adults on the shelves as you can for children. It's fantastic. Coloring is a great way to slow down, and let out some creativity, and let your mind focus on the page. We know little boys tend to have quite [...]

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Unleash Her Creativity with the Perfect Coloring Page

Ballerinas, Owls, and Woodland oh my! We know that your little girl is always looking for something to keep her busy! We made these exclusive coloring pages for each of our unique girl collections, Ballerina, Owl, and Woodland. Let her creativity loose as she colors them all. Coloring pages are always great to have on hand, you never know when [...]

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Getting to Know Our Collections: Dinosaur and Owl

Our variety of fun collections hold something for every child, and we've had a blast introducing them to you! We're introducing the final two collections today, and we think you'll like what you see. [...]

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Enjoy a Safe and Fun Fourth of July for the Whole Family

This weekend is one of the most exciting weekends here in the States, Fourth of July weekend. Many families will pack up their minivans (or other suitable family cars) and head out to the lake, camping, or maybe camping on the lake. One thing is for sure we'll be with friends and family, and weather [...]

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Getting to Know Our Collections: Woodland and Traffic

Each and every child is a little bit different, a unique individual, it's part of what we love so much about them. This is why we have six different beautiful collections, something for everyone. Whatever the wee ones in your life are passionate [...]

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Getting to Know Our Collections: Stars and Stripes and Ballerina

We may be new in town, but we're so excited for you to get to know us! In order to get to know us better, you need to meet our collections; this is where BobbleArt really comes alive. Whether you've got a little [...]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning in any house with kids is a big project to take on. Beyond cleaning your entire home, this is the perfect time to go through all of you kids' stuff, toys clothes, and other miscellaneous items in their room or play area.While you are switching over their wardrobe, you can choose what you [...]

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